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New Mobile Any Recomendations?


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right the time has come for my annual change of mobile, i have been looking at a few just wanted to know who has tried what and what they thought?

I like the look of the xda exec, xda mini s, the blackberry, sony erricson walkman phone tingy

I want to be on O2 due to the signal being good on the base, and it needs to be blue tooth for the car/head set

any recomomendations and ideas would be appreciated

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I was going to get an XDAii from O2 and was told that it would be £ 170 to up-grade. Been with them for over 6 years and on O2 select cos of the size of my bills.

Depends what PDA functions you want, I just wanted a calendar and "To Do List" and contact list that I could sync to Outlook so that I could get rid of a paper diary and carry it about on the phone. Got a Nokia 3230 free from O2 and spent £ 200 on TomTom Mobile 5 instead of the dosh for an XDA.

After a bit of messing about with headsets I got one that would work on Bluetooth with the TomTom GPS receiver at the same time so all is sweet in the car. Trying out the Traffic on TomTom and so far it works and am considering downloading the speed camera database as well, so will have GPS speed camera locations off the phone to back up the Snooper S5 detector.

A couple of times in the last 2 months I have had to re-boot the phone after it has fallen over giving an error message of "Max Bluetooth Connections in Use" but not a major pain.

By the way Phones4U told me that you can only have a single Bluetooth connection at any one time, experts my *****.

So far very happy and I would recommend.

Hope that helps

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IVe got a sony K750i (or W800) i think its one of the best phones ive ever had and ive had alot lol. does Bluetooth, has a very nice 2 megapixie camera, great as an mp3 player especially the w800 walkman model. sound quality and Battery life are both very good too.

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i got the sony walkman day it came out sim free. now normally im a nokia man through and through (tried most others an dnt compare for ease of use to nokias) but this phone is quite good and easy to use jus texting takes lil getting used too.

call quality is very good, screen is good and easy to read displays.

of course Bluetooth aswell and walkman is great.

only problem is that its a bit tricky to transfer songs,unlike the moto rockr that uses iTunes for mp3 transfer

also camera is class and its like sony's other cameras in way you take i have digital cameras and camcorder and PSP from sony so can switch between the memory cards for each one

i change phoen 2-3 times a yr but gonna keep this til the nokia n80 is out next yr

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Got a Sony Ericsson K750i myself, had it for a while now, superb phone.

everyone rates the camera, the quality is good, but its bloody slow at capturing the picture....nightmare on moving targets.

Nokia 770 looks interesting not sure when its out tho

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Thanks for the advice guys, i have decided to totally avoid the pda type of phone, no real point for a techie on choppers, and after a bit of searching about managed to get the new nokia N90 for nowt on the same tarrif as i am on at the moment, again tahnks for the advice

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XDA is an O2 own Signature handset, that being the :tsktsk: p.

Walkman phone is excellent from SonyEricsson although the only difference between the W800i and the K750i is that the walkman branded handset has a bigger memory card and obviously looks different.

Sold several Nokia 8800 handsets, hideously over priced, over hyped junk. All handsets sold have had faults and needed to be replaced.

N70, again, great if you're not after reliability, software is rubbish.

Just my 2ps worth!

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