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Lexus Official Mission And Vision Statement

V10 LF-A

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thank's for your help...but i can´t find it´s incrdible Lexus hasn´t so clearly spread is mission and vison statement...i serchead and other semi official sites...and nothing...

if you remember/found it somewere else please tell me..

Thank's :winky:

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I've not found an overall mission of vision statement for Lexus, though some dealers do have their own on their websites.

I have, however, found the "Lexus Covenant" which is sort of an abridged and combined vision and mission statement. It reads more like a creed or even a pep-rally chant, rather than a statement though. Closest thing that I could find to what you're looking for, however.

Hope this helps.


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i really need for a final graduation study the  Lexus official mission and vision statement, because i cant find it anywere helse...

i really apreciate that.

thank´s :winky:

look for Toyota official mission and vision, Lexus is a part of Toyota.

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