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Hi guys been looking at geting a satnav, to help me in my job.........all my work is in and around london.

had a look on eBay and i have seen this one

what do you guys think!

will this do the job ok, as i dont want to pay to much for one it is just for work ;)

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I just bought a Navman 5210 in Tesco's of all places. £250 and comes with maps of one European country (in addition to the UK of course). Nothing too fancy, but I got mine for work too and it's been good so far!

I purchased that one and took it back , the garmin is much better by far .

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that looks ok mate.

i've used a few different sat navs and i've found that my TomTom Go 700 is the pick of the lot. its so user friendly and can be synched to your mobile (a funky litlle feature and quite practical really.....hands-free and sat nav in one!!!)



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thats what i have, and have been using it for my courier work,

cant fault it at all.

most couriers use the tom tom cause its so good!

Hi John is your PDA the same as that one :whistling: , my new job take me in and a round london all day so i need something to help me, :whistling: been looking at the HP 2210 & the HP 5550, not a new one as thats just to much to pay out :sick: so im looking on good old eBay :D

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I have the Ipaq2210 with TomTom5 installed, can't fault it. I use it for my work and gets me right to the doorstep, the auto reroute is great and very quick, it tells you when you are entering congestion charge zone and also has all the speed camera locations. As for Battery life, it will last for around 8 hours in constant use.

Anything else, just ask.


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