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Is250 - Technical Hitch


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Got the new IS250 SE-L Sat Nav on Friday Afternoon and journeyed carefully through the sleet to get the baby home without too much loss of shine. Gave the spare 'key' to the wife and explained that the car would never need the key, just her presence to unlock the doors.

Went out on Saturday to my Brothers and Madame left her handbag in the car. Tried to lock the car using the handle button but got a beep. Had only glanced at the manual, so assumed that a door was open. Did a quick scan around the car, all doors seemed OK so used the Fob to lock remotely and it was successful.

Three hours later, went out to the car, moved up to the door but no puddle lights and no reaction to me trying to open the door. Used the fob to try and unlock remoteley but no joy. The car just did not want to let me in.

Eventually, had to use the key, set off the alarms (very embarrassing). I tried to start the engine and the warning came up Key not Recognised. Eventually started and alarm disarmed - we hurriedly left the premises!

After reading the manual, the alarm will beep once for 2 seconds if the fob is still in the car so the one in the wife's handbag had activated this. What amazes me, is that the wireless remote locking still worked despite this and, even more amazingly would not left me get back in.

Moral of the story - only take one fob with you and definately don't leave the spare in the car.

That aside, the car is just brilliant, looks fabulous in the flesh (the photos do not do it justice) and drives like a dream. Will have to re-read the manuals a couple of times to get to grips with all the electronic goodies but meanwhile I will just enjoy :) :) :) :)

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Did the same today to post a letter - wondered how it would react but no problems. I have a certain fear of the unknown with this - at least with a key you knew where you were. I'm sure that experience will tell and I have total faith in that fact that Lexus will have thouroughly tested this. I must admit that the convenience is marvellous - no more fumbling for that key in the bottom of your pocket.

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