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Cheap Dvd Recorders?

Claire G

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claire a cheap decent one is somthing like a LITE_ON they are what most peeps computers have as dvd writers,but boxed as a home entertainment unit. other than that you are looking at a little more for a panasonic i seen them avertised in argos for around the 180 mark hope this helps,

(i have used both i prefer the liteon due to it being hackable by remote where as the panasonic is not, and the lite on comes with videoplus for bout 100 quid, with two digital outputs for sound and scart powerthrough, if your not fussed by the name on th box i would go for that)

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Hi Claire

Sorry about your loss, :duh:

I bought a Panasonic DVD recorder about a year ago, good thing but unless you record on the highest quality setting ie not trying to get the most recordings on the DVD the quality of the recording gets bad. You say you want to record from the tv, if you have Sky you should consider upgrading to Sky Plus thats what I did and I am delighted with the recordings, no loss of picture quality, just as if you were watching it for the first time. If you do not have Sky and do not wish to look at the Sky system then try and get a recorder with a hard disk storage, this is what Sky use and is a very good system. Depending on how much you want to record you just get a unit with either a small or large gb hard disk.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for all of this. LexAzur, we have Sky+ but my husband is now after a DVD recorder to store the films he's recorded.

Someone's told me to have a look at, so off to have a nose on there too.

I have had 2 dvd recorders from EmpireDirect, both panasonic :D and both very good :D

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depends on what you wanna do with it.

if its just to back up stuff from sky+ then any of the cheap ones without a build in hard drive or fancy electronic program guide will do. the only slight snag left is what type of dvd's it burns onto, the better recorders record on any type of dvd, but most are either the + Format or the - Format, Each have their pros and cons but I find the minus discs to be more compatible with other peoples players.

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