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Try pulling out the DOME fuse in Junction Block 2 [under bonnet right] for 10 seconds to clear the the code memory and try again for new codes.

No code 16 on mine.......21 is suggested open or short circuit in the solar sensor

[Front right of dash near w/screen]

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Couldn't find the heater fuse so pulled the relay for 10 secs.

Now getting 11,14,21,24 21 can be discounted for now as my torch was not bright enough. When the recirc button is pressed in test mode the climate cycles through tests 21 to 30. Also noticed today that heat still comes through if off is pressed, but if you select cold then off cold air flows...wierd.

Help please

ps car is an import to the UK (Celsior)

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On my '94 UCF10 those codes show as

11 open or short in room temp. sensor

14 as above in water temp. sensor

Code 24 not shown

Someone with your model year will no doubt post......

If no joy trawl the USA site........ :)

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