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60k Service - And The Loan Car Is ....


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OK so i go to put the car in for its 60k service.

And i was given an IS250 as a loan car...and i have it for whole day...... :)

First impressions of the drive.......

A nice quiet and smooth ride, i actually like the idea of having an auto/tiptronic/semi-auto style gearbox very smooth gearchange.

Nice seating position, and the hot /cool breeze floating up from the seat is neat.

Visually, G.O.D does it have huge ears....i mean door mirrors!

And im not sure (and please anyone correct me if im wrong) it looks like it has less room behind me after i adjust the seat (compared to the IS200).

The lady at Lexus asked me when i wanted to pick my car up.........I should have said "In a Year" :)

I think ill prob adda bit more to this post later........after the day.

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My last service on the IS200 they gave me an RX400h as the loaner... :D

Fell in love with it, so bought one myself.

Gave Caroline (my better-looking-half) the IS200 to use and we scrapped her old Honda Accord which was falling to bits.


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Lucky lad!

how much do you want one now?

I'm in no rush Ian... :driving:

Got a call today to say "your car is ready, and what time would you like to pick it up" which this time i did reply "a years time" :)....they didnt go for it...Bugger :(

OK anyway, i went back and collected mine, and I still really like mine, and i will try to be unbiased.....

Car i had was an SE/Auto....Caspian Blue (I think)

It still as elephant ear door mirrors, and a fat butt. :)

It does have a nicer, more up-market feel to the interior....very comfy and good driving position.

The seats have lumbar support that hits the right spot (at least for me)

The layout Is fine, a few buttons etc were not vewable from my driving position.

Center armrest/console is great.(perfect for resting the left arm on)

The warm/cold air drafting up throughthe seats is going to be nice in the summer (I would still suggest no shorts though) :)

I do feel though, that they have lost a little leg room for rear passengers in comparison to when im sitting in my IS.

Better engine noise............when you can hear the engine. and does feel like it has a bit more grunt....i can just imagine the IS350!

The gearchange is great, but i found it a little slow on the actual gearchange when using the paddles/stick manually.

It deosn't have the presence, for me, that the IS 200 had when i first saw it.

Would i buy 1 ..............

NEW? i wouldn't buy a base model and the extras add up (A LOT)

USED?..... possibly, but i would also look seriously at a 2nd hand GS and RX also.

If i was given one?...(A CAR!) :winky: .......Yes!

Any Questions?

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Loan car is indeed a IS250 SE Auto.

And - I absolutely HATE the foot 'handbrake'. I can see lots of owners sitting at traffic lights with their foot on the footbrake as operating the 'handbrake' is so awkward and uncomfortable. It's almost like operating a very high clutch !

Other comments :

The window controls are tucked so far away forwards that they are also awkward to operate. I also noticed that my left knee was continually banging the hard bit of the centre console.

Good bits :

Like the new dials that are light driven (like a sabre light) and not the old plastic needle type. Haven't had time to fully investigate the trip computer but it is showing a 25.4MPG average.

I probably have the same car that Bobski had.

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