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Tomtom Traffic Updates


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My 2 months of free subscription has finished, and I have mixed feelings about buying a 12 month contract.

I just wanted to see how many people use the tomtom traffic updates and what you think of it... :)

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Like you I have used the Traffic updates for a month now on a freebie.

I can't decide either. Yesterday I was driving up the M3 and it gave me an alert saying that there was an accident ahead so I diverted towards Reading to cut onto the M4 and then M25 clockwise directed by TomTom.

After I diverted I used O2 traffic line (1200 on O2) on the phone a few times to check the M3 and M25, got "No delays" in my direction of travel so WTF is going on? Traffic Master (1200) says OK, TomTom says accident?

Also twice TomTom has warned me of delays after I'm in them despite allowing no limit on downloads. And on the way to Wimbourne it tried to divert me round a delay that didn't exist at all.

30 day trial and I pushed it by using the divert and checking if I had to, and heading straight for the delay and checking if it exists. Also using it to get home from work it always tries to send me M25 then A1(M), worst possible combination on a Friday at 17:00, I know that road.

In short don't really think it's that good.

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I get what your saying mate. I had to keep updating the info every 5 or so minutes 'on-route'.

I travel via the M25 clacket lane services everyday, and the weird thing was, everyday it would say the same info.. i.e. 9.6miles 20 minutes delay. How can it be the same distance tailback everyday :blink:

TBH I'm a really disappointed with it. After all my research, and finally going for the 500 series. I wanted this to be it... the last of my 'getting stuck in traffic' worries.

I used to use 1200 from my 02 but it's soo expensive. Another reason why I wanted the tomtom to work properly. :crybaby:

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