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Snow Chains..... Finally!

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I finally managed to get hold of some snow chains which fit the standard size RX tyres (235/55/18). It was a real challenge as they are very rare to obtain for this size:

Konig SuperMagic 4x4 chains

I did a quick test and they were surprisingly easy to put on. I obtained them from an Swiss dealer who said that they were the last ones they had as stock is apparently sold for the season.

I bought two sets (each set has 2 chains) and I just read on the RX manual that chains should only be put on front wheels (written in bold) :crybaby:

I might sell my extra set on eBay if above is true, I'll post the auction URL if I do.


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chains are only ever fitted to driven wheels.

on an AWD vehicle the chains should then be fitted on the driven steered wheels

Thanks for the tip. Just to make sure I understood this right, could you please clarify the definition of "driven wheels" and what this means for the RX? (is the manual right saying that only front wheels should be fitted with chains? :hehe:)

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driven wheels are the wheels in which power is transferred to the road

So I assume that the RX is only front wheel driven, hence the reason why the manual says to only put chains in the front. But what happens when the 4WD kicks in? :unsure:

as monster-mat said, even with the 4wd function in place, its your front wheels that are the driven & steered wheels. therefore, it doesn't matter (in this case) whether the 4 wheel drive is in place or not.

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