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A Weekend In Paris


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Went to Paris for the weekend just gone with a mate and his wife. Went in his beemer 520 estate (works 'van' free fuel!), left my LS and his wifes GS sport behind!!

So, had a good time, stayed in a nice hotel (he's a UK rep, gets frequent stayer points in Holiday Inns (platinum card if you understand these things), so we were in The Republique, rate is 487 euros, we paid 40 quid/night - touch!)

Anyway, 1800 ferry Friday, so storming down the A1 to Paris in the dark, NO CATSEYS!! You just dont realise how much help catseys are till you dont have them and are doing 80-90 mph on a motorway that twists and turns and undulates! Then you get into Paris and they are EVERYWHERE except on the roads - pavements, kerbs.

Also strange - lack of lane markings - try circulating the Arc de Triomphe - room for about 10 lanes - NO markings - but it seems to work. The roundabout outside the hotel was the same, 3-4 lanes space but no markings - difrent strokes.....

Anyway, had a good weekend, thought I'd share some observations


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