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Remote Key Programme Lost


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This is the third time in a year that my remote keys have stopped working. I have three keys. The first time local agent reprogrammed at a cost of £40.

within a month the problem returned. Local agent reprogrammed keys for free as car still under warenty.

Noe the car is out of warenty I have tried the programming described in the forum but without success. At the final button press on the key I get two open close cycles of the locks.

Help The local agent cannot explain the loss of programme and I object to paying for reprogramming on a regular basis. Previous cars (not Lexus) have been ok. Oh my car is an IS200 2000 vintage.

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Had the same issue, all three keys stopped working when using the buttons.

Reprogrammed one key ages ago and it was a pain getting it correct then, but it worked eventually.

Only recently got round to reprogramming the other two keys and it took me ages to get right. Got to the same point as you and alway got the two locks and unlocks, but kept going and after about ten time it locked and unlocked once, so I quickly got both keys sorted.

So its worth keeping going. I'm affraid I'm not sure what made the difference, apparently the timing of all the button pressing etc is critical, have you tried different posts that show the procedure (sure I have seen it more than once) to see if theres any variantion? Try searching on "Alarm Programming Procedure"

Hope you get this anoying problem sorted.

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Thanks for the help. I managed to get the keys re programmed or re programmed the ECU on the car. The main difference was the time I held the two buttonsa closed no the key. I reduced the time to 1 sec or less.

The feeling of success is fantastic especially as the weather here is cold damp and dreich.

Thanks again.

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