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'ipod' Aux Conector

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This is my first post on the forum so forgive me if the subject is already covered.

I get my new is250se-l in two weeks and my daughter is more excited than me (if that is possible!) Her interest is not in the 'beauty of the beast' that Lexus have come up with but rather the fact she can plug her IPOD in.... I have been looking around the various audio websites to see what is available to connect the IPOD and the only thing I can find is the 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack. Is there a connector which allows the IPOD to be controlled by the screen or wheel as seems to be possible on some non manafacturer radios?

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Firstly welcome to the club.

I too have an SE-L on order which should arrive in about two weeks. I've been told that my car is on a ship and is destined to arrive on the 16th December.

I think that the only way to connect the iPod is via a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack as you describe. I don't think that there is anyway to control the iPod via the steering wheel or any other means. Shame really but I'm sure someone will devise one soon enough.

Once again welcome to the club and enjoy the car when it arrives. I know I will. :P

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We're both on the same boat then !!

Over on the 300/400/430 site there are some pictures of the IPOD associated with the screen...... Fingers crossed there is something in the pipeline.

Go look at the current last page of the 'Official new 2006 IS topic' as this subject is discussed and a possible solution suggested together with a linky:

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