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Added Stability And Security Of Sport Model

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Initially, missed the comfort oriented setup of the LS400, but am getting used to the GS300 Sport model. Had to take emergency action due to some idiot pulling out in front of me, and the stability of the Sport suspension and bigger wheels was amazing. Felt so flat and in complete control.

Also, had to make a fast right out of a mini-roundabout, as some guy heading into the roundabout from my right hand side decided to accelerate very rapidly before entering the roundabout, when I was still manouvering.

Expected the car to skid or squeal as I gave a bit of gas and turned the wheel to the right. Zilch, Nada, no complaints from the car at all.

Took my folks out in the car and normally with softer riding cars, they get quite apprehensive with all the pitching and diving if you have a twisty road ahead of you. However, in my new Sport, they don't even bat an eyelid when the car is going down the twisty roads.

If you've got the standard GS and have wondered what the Sport model is like, I'd advise you to try one! :tsktsk: amazing!!! I'm not selling mine though!!!

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I have got a Mk2 GS300 SE and have found that it is surprisingly agile when you need it to be. I used to have an IS200 and I expected the GS to have barge like handling compared to the IS, but it has been surprisingly good for the size of the car.

Would like to try out a Sport Model sometime, however wasn't there the issue of some of the more recent Sport models not having a different suspension set up and only having cosmetic differences to the SE model? I'm sure someone will be able to advise on this if I'm wrong!

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I know that Lexus weren't happy with the suspension on the early Series 2 Sport models and they deleted the model quite quickly, and re-introduced after a few years. As far as I know, I've got lowered suspension with Eibach springs, with 18inch alloys and lots and lots of rubber! Next time you are down London way, I'll have to take you for a spin!

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I bought my GS M2 Sport (00 Model) in October this year. I test drove two GSSEs and was amazed at their comfort and good handling for such a big car. I came across a GS Sport 99 model and absolutely feel in love with it. The handling and lack of roll was awe inspiring, although abit hard at times. Alas, I didn't buy the model as I was unsure of the mileage/service history.

It took me over two months to find the one that I now own and so far I'm impressed with the handling, grip and steering. But I do find the brakes aren't as good as previous cars I've owned.

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For a big car, the Sport models have decent grip and handling. Ok, it's not as dynamically balanced as a 5 series, but then again, it's got a totally different character. I've driven 3 series, and 7 series, but not a 5 series. Personally speaking, I found the Beemers were too edgy for me, the cars begged to be driven hard, which just didn't suit me for a daily driver.

From all the road tests of the Series 2 model I have read, the GS300 chassis was found to be close to on par with it's German contemporaries of that time.

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Kinda agree with Maneesh and Colin..........has much better control in the snow than any beemer i've owned.....but it still oversteers in the wet and ice easily sound slow corners.....i guess it is a heavy car so one has to take into thought, handling is very hard over the 'sleeping police' makes me wince for the suspension............but i still feel safe - more than most other motors and will keep it.......even if i have little wills!!

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I loved my 1996 Mk1 Sport but you had to take the corners gently as it rolled and wallowed like a 2CV (OK that's an exaggeration!). It was also useless in snow, those 275/35s on the back put no weight down. (But I still miss it dearly). I drove the Mk2 and now have a Mk3 and they are heaps better - but I am just waiting for the first snowfall....

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From the outside (being a new owner) it seems the GS is reluctant to change direction, the wheels are happy doing so but the body seems to follow reluctantly if anyone understands what I mean.

Last 4 cars were Merc E (prev model) BM 5 (latest), BM 7 and a 350Z and of all of them the 7 was nicest to drive sportingly. (forget the Z as not a fair comparison)

The GS has more grip than the 7 (diesel sport) and is the faster car by far but my other half gets thrown about the place even with the little damper switch on sport.

Its no matter to me as my throwing about days have gone and I crave the lush refinement that the 4.3 gives along with the nice build quality (both BM`s were shocking, the 7 sounded like an old sierrra internally after 40k)

I am chuffed with the GS its a great car!

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