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Hi folks,

My girlfriend has been driving a Mazda 323 GLX for too long now. It's lasted well but it's never really been a car that suited her personality (it was bought for a previous job that involved a lot of Irish country roads, bogs, etc.) So, her next car is going to be something frivolous, a 2-seater convertible most likely, and I want to make sure that she gets something that I'll enjoy as well. :whistling: So far, the obvious contender is an MX5, but I'd like to know if anyone has any other thoughts. What's an MR2 like, for example? I haven't driven anything of this ilk, so we're just trying to put together a shortlist at the moment.

I guess we'd be looking for something no more than 5 or 6 years old, probably at around the 10k mark in the UK. Any suggestions?


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S2000's are still fetching a bit more money than you are wanting to pay but I would say bite the bullet and buy one as they will out perform almost any convertable in their price range and are the most reliable car of the year bar none.

Also, they aren't girly and look good.

They demand respect from most cars on the road too.

Only downside is the group 20 insurance.

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Thanks for the responses so far, guys, they're all being taken on board.

A couple of things:

1) the car will have to be a convertible

2) raw power isn't *really* necessary, although Hazel (the girlfriend in question) is not afraid of a bit of speed off the line. More important is good safe handling and sexy looks, but within reason because...

3) the less girly the better. She hates the idea of driving a girly car, and that's actually something that's getting in the way of the MX5 idea just slightly -- the whole hairdresser image.

Mike, I don't think she'd go for a mk2 to be honest. I might, but I think she's set on something a little newer. Also, as I keep telling her, the top must come off... :lol:

I'd love the idea of an S2000, but they're rare in this part of the world, and far beyond our budget. The two I found on were 42,500 and 47,500 Euro respectively. Granted they were both 2003, but still. We'd be thinking of a number less than half that!

An MGF is a possibility also, although I've always heard that the MX5 is a better car. We'll almost certainly test drive one, though, as there's always a chance of a good price.

Any further thoughts, people? I think the mk3 MR2 is leading the pack at the moment.


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Mike, I don't think she'd go for a mk2 to be honest. I might, but I think she's set on something a little newer. Also, as I keep telling her, the top must come off...  :lol:

There are plenty of stunning, low miler examples......Mine is 12/1996 with only 29K miles and is immaculate, it's also a T-bar model with partially removeable roof.

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Here ya go


, full service history, power hood, front wheel drive, ABS, elecric mirrors, 12 cd changer, excellent condition. alloys, Metallic Paint, Electric Windows, Central Locking, Remote Central Locking, Alarm, Immobiliser, Driver's Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag, Radio Cassette, CD Player, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Sports Suspension

Make: Toyota Model: Celica CABRIOLET Engine: 2 Petrol Bodytype: Cabriolet Transmission: Manual Price: €14,250 Year: 1997 NCT: April 2006 Colour: Silver Mileage: 76,000 miles / 122,310 kilometers Owners: 2 Doors: 2

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MX5`s are girly cars, she is a girly so wheres the problem :D

strangely for a girly car there seems to be a lot of men driving them :whistling:

how tall/short is she ?

as the MX5 isnt the largest car, i find it hard to get in and out and im not very tall 5ft9"

loads of mods available for them, can be turbo charged or supercharged relatively easily and cheaply

handling, they are very good, you can literally throw them round corners

1600 has enough power to keep up with most cars

if you want any more advise on the MX5 drop janey a message

she is like an encyclopedia on them :crybaby:

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Easy, TVR...

You can pick up a Chimera for the price of a late MR2 Turbo/MX-5, performance wise it'll destroy a S2000, it looks good, sounds great..

AND being a RV8, its not that expensive to run, and reasonably reliable...

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TVR? I think I've only ever seen 2 in Ireland, and they could well have been the same one!! Joking aside, I suspect that would be far beyond the budget, in the highly unlikely even we could put our hands on one. It would be pretty cool though!

Oh, to answer another question, she's 5'2" and I'm 5'8" in thick soles, so the size of car shouldn't be too much of a problem. :D

That Celica looks quite interesting as well...


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