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Repalcing Factory Turbos


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First off, you'll lose the sequential system. Second you'll definitely need a FMIC, then an uprated Radiator, new Headers, decat/racing cats, etc. You'll have to have the gearbox rebuilt, etc to handle the power and will require a higher stall Torque Convertor, also suspension will need to be upgraded to handle the extra power, and braces to keep the body flexing.

If you're thinking you can just drop a pair of HKS in place of the Twins, I'm pretty much 100% certain it's not possible :).

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Hi there,

I would like to know if i can replace the facotry turbos with some from HKS. i want to keep the twin turbo setup and driveability and reliability.what hks turbo reference do you recommend and what needs to be changed?


How's Mazambique nowadays? I haven't been there for 10 years or so when we built a circuit race Honda for a guy there, who brought me out to watch him race.

Unfortunately you can't just reoplace the standard turbo's with HKS turbo's, as you will need to replace the whole exhaust manifold, downpipes, wastegates etc. We can supply you with a pair of uprated hybrid turbos that will bolt straight on. Alternatively you can use the HKS single T04Z kit (must be modified) which is a lovely conversion.

Here's a list of the main parts for a guy with a JZ161/VVT tiptronic that we booked in this morning.

Front mount intercooler and hard pipe kit

T04Z single turbo kit

Full exhaust and de-cat

FCON V Pro ecu and boost controller

Fuel pump, 1000cc injectors, fuel rail, regulator

HKS Valcon kit (controls VVT)

Transmission cooler

Oil cooler

This spec is goof for around 700hp but I would recommend that you stay at around 600hp until you have the 3.4 litre stroker kit :D

You shouldnt really need a transmission upgrade or larger radiator but we can offer them.

Hope this helps

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I assume your car is a JZS161 Mk.2 Aristo...

Hybrid turbos are OK, but they're not reliable like a proper built turbo. Fine if you're prepared to have them blow on you at some point and from my investigations, you can only get hybrids to around 400hp anyway. In which case, just stick to stock turbos which are good for 400hp or 450hp if you talk to Pete at THOR racing.

There are *no* twin turbo kits for the 2JZ-GTE engine anymore, all discontinued. So you have to go with a single blower, T61 is OK as it's not too laggy or T04R if you're into drag racing/don't mind the lag.

The intercooler will have to be changed to accomodate an uprated turbo. Combine this with ECU, injectors, fuel pump, fuel controller and boost controller.

Oil cooler, ATF cooler etc. is required also.

I disagree you need a 3.1/3.4 kit for over 600hp. You can easily run 800hp with the stock engine + turbo kit. The stroker kit is useful of course, for more torque etc. so if you want to hit 200mph then the 3.1 stroker kit from Jun will do this for you. But it's expensive to rebuild. The whole point in the 2JZ-GTE engine is IT DOESN'T NEED REBUILT!

I'm just boosting my JZS161 just now with intercooler/ecu. It's cheap and it'll give me 400hp on the stock turbos, that'll be useable and controllable. The intercooler is OK to 650hp so if I decide to buy a turbo kit, my car is ready for it.

True - the gearbox will need rebuilt above 400/450hp. Again, I favour the 400hp tuning option as engine/turbo/gearbox all remains stock. Some people don't change the auto-box and just wear it out, replacing more often...that is another option.

So to summarise

400hp - stock turbo/stock engine/stock gearbox

400-800hp - turbo kit/stock engine/uprated gearbox

800hp-1000hp - turbo kit/engine rebuild/uprated gearbox

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How can hybrid turbo's have less potential than standard turbo's? That doesn't make any sense :). I think you have it the wrong way around. The standard turbo's are very weak as the turbine wheel is made from a ceramic material and is certain to fail very shortly after raising the boost pressure. A decent hybrid will have a larger compreesor wheel and a steel turbine wheel (at the very least) so it considerably more reliable and has a higher power potential. The biggest limitation is the exhaust manifold and turbine housing which will inhibit the power beyond 450hp even with the best hybrids.

The standard engine is only good for around 650hp on a long term basis (600hp should last forever ;) ). Any more than that requires stronger pistons and rods. There are some dreamers in the US that reckon the stock engine is good for more than that, but there are 2 issues worthy of considertion here. Firstly, any power figures quoted from a US source should be treated with a pinch of salt and a good belly laugh, and secondly, any statement whatsoever from a US source should be viewed with great scepticism.

We have done enough 650hp VVT with tiptronic (larger cooler) without needing to upgrade the transmission. I don't suppose it will last forever but the transmission is not a major wek point, and certainly not at 400 to 500hp.

I doubt whether there is anyone in the UK that has anywhere near the experience that we have with these cars, so we do know a bit about them :)

All the best!

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I doubt whether there is anyone in the UK that has anywhere near the experience that we have with these cars, so we do know a bit about them  :)

I own one which is breathed upon, so we know a few tricks too ;)

Nothing like a good discussion on the board.

In all honesty the car will handle 600/700hp, without issue.

The weekest part is the gearbox before the engine. We have run our Supra with 800hp with a stock engine for 18 months before we rebuilt it for safety and because we wanted 1000hp. It was still as good as new when we stripped it.

The autobox in the car I would say will last at 600-650hp+ for a year or so in our experience. You will kill it at some point, and as long as you are happy to replace it, then great. Get the best cooling you can afford for it, that will give it the longevity.



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My techie has a bit of experience with the supra motor & he shares gazza's view re a nice reliable 600/650 bhp. He recommends the 3.2 kit as its higher revving if you really want to go for it :D .

Can do a good deal on the HKS T04Z big single kit BTW or a really good budget big single kit :blush:

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My supes stock tubbies are pushing out 450+ bhp no owrries at 1.2 bar of boost. I'd like to see similar power from my aristo when I get the cats out of it and some decent cams and the likes into it. You should manage about 1.5 bar of boost reliably on decent hybrids but I guess manifolds and waste gates may become a bit restrictive so perhaps 1.35-1.4 bar would be a more realistic aim point for hybrids. Just to get it above 1.0 bar you'll need a better fuel pump, fuel cut defencer and probably an FSE. If you go hybrids you'll almost certainly need bigger injectors (you'd get away with 550ccs) Also if you put in bigger injectors you'll need to control them so greddy or safc2 fuel pc will be needed, decent high lift cams again you'll get away with UK spec supra cams. I'm sure if you snoop around in the states you'll find a decent big twin kit somewhere.

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Hybrid turbos are stronger than stock, of course. But they fail. This is the consensus of Jap and US tuners who run big hp on the 2JZ-GTE block. No one recommends them. Proper turbo kit is the better route.

As for the gearbox, my buddy up here has an Aristo V300 Mk.II running 600hp and his gearbox is starting to move around under power already. So yeah, I agree with Gaz you can run it with a stock gearbox for so long and then it'll blow, just replace it. Or go for a rebuilt stronger one in the first place.

The stock block can take 800hp. That's a fact. No conrods or pistons or bottom end. 1.8bar is the peak boost on stock internals. THOR Racing verified.

Even Project Supe-dog 1000hp ran a stock head gasket.

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The stock block can take 800hp.  That's a fact.  No conrods or pistons or bottom end.  1.8bar is the peak boost on stock internals.  THOR Racing verified.

i was always on the understanding that it was 700 before the engine suffered from crank walk

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