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General Advice Please?

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Hi all, new to these forums so please dont flame me for being lazy and not looking for the answers, i did have a look but there is just so much information on these forums it was a tad scarey!!

Basically im currently looking at a:

Lexus IS 200

W Reg (2000)

6 Speed Manual

Colour: Silver

Miles: 40,000

1 Prev Owner

Location: Scotland

Paint: Excelent Condition

Interior: Excelent Condition

Engine: Excelent Condition (as far as i can tell)

Alloy's: Horrificly Bad Condition

Asking Price: £8495

I am seeking general advice on a few areas, my No1 worry is the condition of the alloys, the corrosion on them is beyond pathetic for this standard of car, i have called around and spoken to an Alloy Wheel Specialist in scotland, they gave me the following advice:

Japanese cars are notorious for surface corrosion simply cos they dont coat their wheels to protect the alloy, they littery just paint straight onto the metal its self, the mixture of paint to alloy causes surface corrosion ALONE, never mind road salt to help it along, especially over 5 years. The matter isnt helped by living in scotland cos we have a very salty climate and salt aids the process along. i can get them fully re-conditioned and powder coated in any color or metal finish i for £200

Do you think this is good advice? i would hate to think im buying someone elses problems. I will be having a check on the under side of the car for signs of a tow bar as another reason the wheels are so bad could be due to boat towing, in and out or the north sea, if this is the case the corrosion would be much deeper than just the aloys...

There are 2 scratches on the paint work that i would want to be repaired, one on the front bumber about 6" long, but only a surface scratch, the other is about 3" long on the rear bumper and is a deep one, right to the metal.

The interior is spotless, the leather isnt cracked very much, and the material isnt worn at all (yes i was surprised at this aswell)

Do you think this is good value? i would be trying to get the dealer down to at least £8000 anyway, as i looks like i will have to spend roughly £300-£350 on the car to fix its faults, but it all hinges in me selling own car first (unfortunately)

All general advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hi and welcome the club.

The IS200 alloys are notorious for corrosion. They pitt really badly and Lexus started replacing them under warrenty with fully laquered ones. For £200, you may as well get them done as long as they can asusre you the finish and quality will be top grade.

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do you think this is good value oevrall under all the circumstances given? (thanks for the advice on the wheels)

Seems reasonable I think.

They are generally bullet proof cars anyway. Does it have a full documented service history?

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The problem with the wheels is, I think a big let down on these cars. Lexus claim that the UK is the only country with this problem because of our salted roads. Having lived in Stockholm, where many roads are salted, I think this is rubbish. It's OK while you're under warranty, since Lexus will keep replacing the wheels with refurbished ones, but they never actually FIX the problem.

As others have pointed out, this is because the wheels are just lacquered instead of being powder coated or stove enamelled.

I'm expecting the same thing will happen to the IS250s, unless they've actually changed the manufacturing process. :angry:

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I'm expecting the same thing will happen to the IS250s, unless they've actually changed the manufacturing process. :angry:

This will be an interesting issue.

One I'm sure the current IS250 members will be able to assist us on ...........

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