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Bugger..good Night Turned Bad


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finished a works 02:45

get taxi home, decide to walk the last 100meters

little loose pavement stones, i trip, right leg steps ontop wet grass.........otherleg decides to not do anything


after getting up....falling down....and getting up again, i knew it wasnt quite right, but i managed to walk home...laughing ...and in pain

got up this morning, could i get up..........nooooooo

spent all day in Salisbury hospital....

broken ankle...whoot whoot :angry:

gonna get a picture tommorow of the pavement.....and see who is liable

where theres blame, theres a claim :D

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Only a Soldier would brake a leg then go to bed, wake up in the morning and then complain........ 'Pants' I've broken my leg! suppose i need to go to Hospital :whistling:

I will donate £50 to a charity of your choice to see a picture on the face of the person responsible.

When you turn up........... in the 'TANK'.......Assuming they also come in Auto.

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Know how that feels........At least waiting till next day helps swelling go down,so pot can go straight on.Same sort of thing happened to me when posted to Cyprus, but a monsoon drain got me :blush:

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Matt UIDI (unidentified dance floor injuries) are all rage at the moment, my MR2 mate is in the same way after a works do, hope your leg gets better soon, there will be two of you on sat hobbling around the place on sat, speedy recover

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