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Hey guys,

Please help me diagnose this problem, recently I made a post regarding changing my HID bulb in my 1998 LS 400. This weekend I installed bulbs in my fog light unit (bulbs were not in the car when I purchased), Phillips 9006 blue lights. After installation, I turned the lights on and only the driver's side fog light came on?? I turned the lights on and off but same light. As I was turning lights back and forth (Auto to On) I hear a clicking, as if there was a problem with a circuit. My question is with Lexus do all the bulbs have to be in for them to work effectively (Fog and Headlights). Reason being, my driver's side HID light is out (on order).

So basically, I am driving around with on headlight (passenger) and one fog light driver's side. I am very good with my hands to fix certain problems, but the diagnosing is bothering me. I'm starting here with some advice before I spend the money and get it diagnosed. Any ideas and recommendations??

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Hey all,

Since my first post, I received my new set of D2R Philips 4300k temp HID bulbs. I installed them yesterday and now I'm good. They are very bright and I am extremely pleased. However, my passenger side fog light still is not on? And now the check the engine light is on? I'm wondering if it's a direct correlation or coincidence. (1) I'll check the bulb (sucks, because I bought them as a pair) (2) then I'll check the connection. Either way, I hope to get it solved - any suggestions?


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Hey All,

I had it mind to check my fogs this weekend, but a funny thing happened yesterday. I was at the gas station yesterday and as I was heading back to my car I noticed all lights were on!!!! That was weird, I must admit though when all lights are on, my LS looks great. I installed Phillips Blue lights bulbs to give me a blue look on the fogs, but they are white, no blue at all. Seems like my lighting system has a mind of its own, because as I pulled into my driveway to check them out again. That one fog light went out again???

How do I get control off my lighting system???

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