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Xenon Lights And Empty Right Lanes


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Latest car I have has Xenon lights and well, I seem to notice lots of folk pulling over when I'm behind them in the right lane. Maybe it's the Xenons indicating I have a fast(ish) car, and so they move over. I dunno.

Anyone else experienced this?

No, I'm not tailgating either!

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I actually don't mind Xenon lights anymore... might have something to do with the fact that the 400h sits quite high off the ground (even higher than the RX300) coupled with the electrochromic mirrors which automatically dim so I don't really see how bright something behind me really is.

(I won't mention the fact that the 400h has Xenon lights itself.. but they are aimed quite low... definitely below the eye-shot of a Nissan Micra 30 cm in front of the bonnet of my 400h whilst sitting in a queue on the M25... ;) )


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I too dont like xenons behind me as they do blind(especially BMW scum). Filth use them on their volvo patrol cars too. Now they can shift.

BMW scum...that not a bit harsh ?? Personally I don't believe in all the crap about the stereo typical drivers of BMW etc... seen as many bad drivers in other makes as in BMW's.

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