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Apolgies for posting this as a new topic - but it kinda is really!

Earlier posting "counting the days" strayed off into discussions re: Price / Discount.

I was pointed to a website "drive the deal" which appeared to offer the same spec car for 1300 pounds less, the "catch" was twofold

1) No P/Ex 2) Supplying dealer was 200 miles away from me.

So..armed with the info I rang back to my Chester dealer, and after 5 phone calls and arm twisting, obtained "free" Supaguard treatment interior and exterior + First years service free + Rubbery liner thingy for the boot.

Not the deal of a lifetime I know...but I also still get to P/Ex my 10 yr old Eunos for approx £500 more than its true value, I deal with a local dealer ( nice ..just in case any problem arise ) and overall I value the total package at around 900 - 1000 pounds discount. Thanks for relaying your experiences and the link to the website concerned.....It proved a useful lever in extracting the blood.

I a 5 year old......waiting in excited anticipation of my luvverly new 250 SE L auto, mm pack, blackand grey, sunroofed beauty in March 2006 :driving:

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