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Lexus Is250d Pricing


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IS25OD?  :duh:

What does that mean? :blink:

I think it means that the diesel is an IS220d not IS250...

Looks like a typo to me...

The 220d 175 BHP 4 cyl is £200 or so cheaper than 250 V6 200+ BHP - let you come to your own conclusions on that pricing strategy...

But it does have bags of torque :driving: AND it's a shame that fantastic 6 cog auto is not available :angry: in the derv model...

And don't read the press assures me it's fantastic, comparable to the 320d ( :sick: ) and better than the Audi a4 2.0TDI. The rag mags have some scary stories, but as mentioned on other threads it's questionable if anyone in the press world has actually driven it yet...

Ultimately you obviously have to drive it yourself, Lexus Leicester have advised me that they get their demo during last week of December...can't wait :hehe:

The salesman mentioned that I am at the top of the list, so I will post as soon as I can...

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Oh dear.....

went to get the local paper today (my Audi's advertised in it).

Saw the Autocar the article...they appear to have driven an LHD version of 220d SEL...comments like narrow power band....bad choice of colours and materials in cabin (i.e. Plastic wood and chrome all in one - uhh don't they all have that?)...rough engine....heavy feel to the car....0-60 in 10secs (albeit in wet conditions)...totally unsuitable engine in a well made car....ooh and a new one - balky gearbox (!)...after all that it gets a thumbs up for cabin noise, yet they say it's too noisy... :duh: ...Ride quality too firm around town and the bMW's "dramatically" better ride (yeah, right, I drove them back to back - the 3 was fidgety and horrible in my humble opinion)

It did puzzle me how the LHD car with foreign plates was parked on an embankment, with a bridge in the distance with what appeared to be london Red buses on it...I wonder what spec it really was, whether the foreign setup detracted in any way...and maybe the tester had not driven a manual with gears on the "wrong" side ever before...! :question:

Oh dear oh dear..... :angry:

But again, we (who really matter) need to drive it, and I am sure it won't be that bad (gulp, pray pray)...I just hope Moley is right in what he says, and the car is the most refined and smoothest out of the bunch...else it's back to Audi...and embarrassment for Lexus Leicester... and Mr Mole who we will send to "Coventry"... :tomato:

I also know that these mags are well funded by the opposition, but it makes painful reading...and mud sticks and influences people, so it is all very unhelpful (and worrying for us who have put a deposit down (though the garage agreed to refund mine if I did not like the diesel)).

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