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Reverse Warning Sound


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Yeah the beeping gets on my nerves too but then again I have two seperate beeping noises. the normal warning beep and also the beeping from the rear parking sensors that are not even being used anymore. Steveaudiox told me when he sold me the car that it had been hit lightly at the back and he replaced the rear bumper. He didn't like the look of the sensors in the bumper so he didn't get them fitted again. I assume they are dangling somewhere in there behind the bumper now and are just beeping away for no reason :duh: :lol:

My car now sounds like a ring tone from an old monophonic phone when in reverse :lol:

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I don't know if it's standard with the IS200, but when I engage reverse in mine, this *REALLY* annoying reverse warning sound comes on (like the sound a truck makes when it's reversing to warn people).  Is there anyway to turn this off or disable it?



not sure about disabling it, but the reason it sounds is because of the 6 speed gear-box and the fact that you could put it into 1st accidently (or vice versa). it is useful when you're in a hurry sometimes!!!

and is a standard feature

Saved me the other day lol, was sitting at the lights playing with the CD player look up already on green need to hurry quee getting annoyed behind me. Lets put it in gear and speed off, suddenly beep Good job it did, save me trouble, but hell it annoys me 2.. :driving:

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if you get under the car you will find a switch on the gear box that closes when reverse is selected, unplug that and the noise will be gone as well as the reversing lights.

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