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Looking At Is300 Sportcross


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I've recently sold my BMW M Coupe, brilliant car but sadly not enough room any more. I've been looking about and noticed the Sportcross.

Are they useful as estate cars or more of a 'lifestyle' choice. I current have one Hungarian Vizsla (Hungarian Pointer) and need enough room for another. She wasn't a fan of the Coupe as the load bay was very shallow. Do you get dog guard? Either the pull up netted variety or solid ones that fit?

I've noticed that 01/02 cars go for very reasonable money when you consider the spec and the Navigator option doesn't carry too much of a premium now.

Any comments welcome...

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I've got an 02 IS300 Sportcross. Changed it up from an IS200 a while back.

The engine and transmission conbination is fabulous. I am impressed with the urge of the engine and the smooth change of the box. Also, the E shift buttons give you a little more flexibility for those times when you want to just play !

As for boot space. It's not that big at all. I would go and have a good look at one. I have 2 kids, and one pram and a few shopping bags fill it up easily.

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Pity Lexus opted for the 'lifestyle; approach rather than the practical one. It looks a great car and Lexus do have a great reputation...the dealers also seem to be good. BMW were really mixed...some good some bloomin' awful!

I'll still go a check one out as it seems a lot of used car for the money.

Thanks for the responses everybody. :D

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