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New Aristo Owner


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I have recently purchesed a mk1 aristo tt.I have a few small faults that i need some advice with.My speedo and tacho are reading low and the needles dont light up,the radio gives no sound(but other wise works) & is there any sort of cd manual that i could perchase.

My car is fitted with a high power lpg injection system that is awsome and i would recomend to any body that hates paying daft money for petrol ,it makes no differance to the way to car goes.

Many thanks.

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Hi and Welcome to the club.

Nice to see another Aristo member joining up :driving:

Any pictures of you car we could see out of interest :)

Ive got the same problems with the radio :duh: it worked when i first had the car but now the speakers crackle when the radio is turned on,radio lights up but no sound the amps in the boot on the drivers side.Ive tried another amp but still no sound.Theres also fuses in the drivers side foot you could check,checked mine and theres none blown.Thinking the radio headunit the problem on my car :unsure:

Some of the other guys on here might be able to help you out with the radio manual(id be interested in the radio manual meself)

Cheers chips.

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Hi And Welcome to the club,

When you say that the speedo and tacho readings are low, do you mean the lights or the back light display.

Also in regards to the radio, is there no sound from any function or only the radio.

As for a specific manual for the Aristo, there isn't any but you can get after market ones from eBay, they cover 90% of the techincal details and repairs of the Aristo, more detailed repairs etc... can be found in different places from the Toyota Import Forum to the MK IV Supra Forums.

Have you got some pictures of your motor, not been in any that run on dual fuel, so would be good to compare for torque and low end grunt.



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Hi and thanks for the welcome,

I will try and post pics before new year of car and lpg system,as regaurds low end grunt etc, on the dyno there is no difference ,you dont even know when its on the gas untill you look at the switch,it is just awsome.The radio gives no sound at all and the gauges read lower than they should both the speedo and tacho read low, i suspect it may have something to do with the derestrictor as it may be faulty as it will somtimes go past 120 and some times not.I havent tested it, but it is what the previous owner tells me.It is the actual needles on just the tacho and speedo that dont light up.

Many thanks for replies.I will be taking power to 350 in summer with the lpg.I will keep you posted.Thanks.

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Wonder how much that LPG kit was and where it was done

Hi lpg conversion would cost around £1800 at f1 in may sound expensive but if you cover the milage each year you soon get your money back as lpg cost between 32p-36p per liter.

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