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Tein Coilovers


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you could happilly fit them the difference in spring rates is negligable

why you ordering from the US....if you really wanted to, you could purchase the is200 springs from TEIN uk and fit them...i think there £15 each

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i can assure you mike the difference in weight over the front axles is not 500kg, the IS300 is only 150kg heavier than the IS200 maximum!

and as i have can quite easily use is300 coilovers on the is200

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Cant see TTE offering different sets of springs for each model if it was not required.

The coilovers Prolex-UK will be bringing over soon also have different spring rates (price is the same as is TTE)

i can answer that in one 3 letter abbreviation dave TUV, nothing more nothing less, when you have actually had to deal with TUV on a level that i have you will understand that TUV requires that level of product seperation

plus the is200 springs would be a little more springy...infact 0.43mm/Kg compression, so as ive already said negligable, but this is is300 coilovers on an no problem whatsoever, as i have said now 3 times

and i think were detracting from the question here.........and thats yes is300 coilovers can be used on the is200

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if it were 500kg ... of coz it would be different, but it isn't!

Also, we are now talking about whether it would fit or not.

However, the weight difference of 100kg may affect the handling/ride a little.

ah but the 150kg heavier that the is300 is, is kerb weight not gross weight.

and everyone is forgetting.....

THIS IS IS300 COILOVERS ON AN IS200........................

so there is no issue, jesus, why is this becoming such a long winded topic, the question was would they be ok...and the answer is yes :duh:

far to many internet specialists here.....the handeling will not be compromised, and certainly wont be affected in a manor that will be noticed for the worse, as i have said were talking about a compression difference on the TTE coilover set up of 0.43mm/Kg compression.

there is nothing stated that the spring compression rates are not the same for the TEIN springs....

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Ok guys,

Sorry about the mini-war I started :-) ... c'mon guys, it's XMAS!!!! :hehe:

Hey Mat, I NEVER said I was ordering from the US, I merely stated that I saw them on that site. I havent made a final decision yet as to what I will order and where I am ordering from.. :whistling:

The main reason I was thinkin of this kit is because:

1. I'm seriously considering a 1J - or maybe a 2J transplant..(once the resources are there - financial, avaliability of parts, downtime of vehicle, helpfulness of someone who has done this b4, etc) I own a GT4 that I can use while the Tezza is ungergoing surgery so I am not overly concerned with downtime.


2. My stock setup is worn...seriously worn...I prefer an upgrade instead of stock replacement parts.

I do know I need to upgrade my suspension first, even b4 I think of a transplant, so I thought the coilover kit was a good start ..

or am I wrong? :huh:

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So......enlighten all of us - why is kerb weight considered to be the definitive value?

The weight (of a vehicle) without passengers and luggage...

gross weight is the maximum permissable weight with 4 passengers full boot, full tank of fuel, and anything else that can be stuffed in the car.the maximum total dead weight!

kerb weight is the measured weight as this is the considered normal driven weight of the car

gross weight is normally used though for taxation, and those money grabbing schemes :)

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dunno ive not said it would out perform an is300

but there are other varibles to take into account then...other than power to weight..

without actually working out the bhp/tonne if the is200 was to work out higher hp/tonne then its down to power delivery and driver.........

on 2 completely std cars......i suppose

intresting one, what adds alot of weight to the is300 over the is200 is the autobox, which could aslo be its achillies heel as manuals can be changed faster than the autobox...i suppose.

however....back to the Q.... There is no reason why you couldnt use the IS300 Tein coilovers on your AS200

having emailed TEIN USA asking for the IS300 and TEIN Uk, asking for IS200, the spring ratings are the same

Front 10mm/kg Compression

Rear 8mm/kg Compression

looking in the Hyper Rev magazine for the RS200 and AS200 the spring ratings are the same as those listed for the IS300 and IS200

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If you look at the different spring rates that are being used by the coilover manufacturers, it will appear that there is a very big difference ...

for instance

Tein CS 8/ 6

Tein Flex 10 / 8

Tein SS 8/ 6

HKS Hipermax II 10/ 9

HKS Hipermax LS+ 8/ 8

HKS Hpermax Pro 16/ 12

Main purpose of the springs are to keep the car at a certain level and to provide enough comfort and handling with the shocks.

The above spring rate are chosen by the manufacturer on their own R&D, but can be changed based on a person's personal preference and according to local road conditions. Most JDM coilovers were made for the RS200, which has a similar power output to the IS300.

So the IS300 , RS200, AS200/IS200 can all use the same coilovers, it is merely an user preference.

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