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Hydraulic Bouncy/adjustable Suspension

dangerous brain

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I'm sure I'd heard of people with soarers having suspension that can be adjusted from inside the car on possibly hydraulics. Does anyone know if it can be done on an aristo and how much it costs? I ask as Its p*ssin me off scraping my Kazz kit everytime I go up my drive and the fact that there are massive tracts of britains roads I cannot venture near due to speed friggin humps. I'd also prefer a slightly softer ride that 19"s just don't afford me.

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You could go for air suspension. You can get direct replacement that have adjustable rebound like on coilovers but have a bag instead oprings. They work realy well and give total control on ride hieght from a switch inside the car. Was going to have mine done but spending the money on engine first. I think it costs about 3500 fitted. Ther is cheaper but these ones are quality.

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