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Baby Car Seat - Britax Rock-a-tot

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wonder if anyone can help.. we are looking for a car seat for a new born.. we have seen on the Britax website that the rock-a-tot car seat is suitable for the IS200 but we have been to both Toys-r-us and Halfords and neither could fit it properly and both said that the buckle is too high and would get 'buckle crunch'? Therefore not advising it (nor any others they had!)

We had a similar problem when we needed a car seat for an older child. We eventually settled on the Britax Renaissance but neither store recommended that neither, but both failed to know about the way the seatbelts pull out, lock and retract to lock the seat in to the back of the chair, which is now giving a good fit..

just wondered if there is another trick with the rockatot that the fitters did not know that would make it fit better? I think its quite avwidely used seat on the IS200??

Many thanks


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We use the standard Maxicosi newborn seat, it can be strapped tight very nicely with the IS's locking seat belts. But we ended up putting a piece of 2 by 2 (wooden block) under the low end so it would be less upright (the IS backseat is quite sloped backwards). We always left the crib strapped in the car, though, because strapping it in every time is quite cumbersome.

The next stage (9-18kg) - Britax (Römer) King TS fits very well, we also took the extra head-cushion insert - very comfy. In this year's NL tests it stillgot top score together with a Maxicosi model.



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