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Hid Conversion Kits


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Hi guys,

just a quick question, I've been looking on eBay at the HID conversion Kits. Im thinking of getting the JDM Pilot HID Kit for my Is200.

My question is..... What is the difference in these two. i know one is 6000k and the other is 8000k but what does "PILOT H4 HI/LO 6000K (Single Beam)" actually mean against " PILOT 9006 8000K Xenon HID CONVERSION KIT "

Which one should i be looking at to get? :huh:

links to the Kits:


PILOT 9006 8000K (Single Beam) HID KIT

Thanks Guyz :driving:

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The HI/LOW will convert both the high and low beam (headlight and main beams) to HID. Be careful with the one you have linked to though because it is not the correct fitting for the IS! :crybaby: It is H4 and you need HB4 (also called 9006).

The single beam one is the correct fitting but will only do the headlight bulb and will be blue-er than the 6000k kit.

I can't comment on the quality of the kits though as I have a Meccatune one from Prolex. :whistling:

Hope that helps! :D

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Treats I am in the same boat as you. I want a 8300K HID kit and I am going to buy mine from Prolex.

I'd be worried with going with that stuff on flea bay above. Theres so many people on here with Meccatune kits from Prolex that they all cant be wrong! Plus your buying from a UK company aswell so..

Just my 2 cents but I'd contact Dave from Prolex. At least if the kit goes tlts up you have a friendly old man to resolve the problem for you ASAP :D .

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6000K are also better for seeing with which is, after all, the reason for fitting hids.. The eye's light sensitivity starts dropping off above this, which is why oems are fitted with 6000K or less.

PS, also bear in mind that if you are fitting after market HIDs, then they are actually legal only for off road use unless the car is fitted with self levelling suspension or auto-levelling lamps. You may attract less unwelcome attention if your HIDs resemble the production fitment.

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