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Heater Matrix Removal


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After suffering a strange noise for 18months after a small crash its time to sort it out.

From what I have been told by Lexus Leeds and the insurers its definately the heater matrix.

When you rev it with your head next to the matrix you can hear the noise is clearly being made inside the matrix, by all accounts something is stuck in their - maybe a piece of the damaged water pump that was replaced in the crash. Its been flushed maybe four times in the past without success.

But I recon if I can get it out then flush it, the debris will come out easily as it is not having to be flushed "uphill"

Anyway - I can see the matrix from under the drivers footwell. It seems that to get it out you unscrew the clamps on the inlet and out let pipes then you just slide it out.

Is this right ?

I haven't disconnected the pipes yet, just after feedback before I get to far in - especially on a bank holiday !

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