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Performance Differance Between Is300 For Is250

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Sold my IS300 for IS250 getting new one hopefully in few days just want to know if any guys went from 300 to 250 what do think of 250 performance compaired to 300 I going to run shell optimax extreme 5percent enthanol 100 octane rating to see any difference.

Hopefully won't notice any difference.

Need fedback please

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I would say that you would notice a difference.

Looking at figures alone the IS300 is quicker than the IS250

Not forgetting when (Koshime) (IS250 owner) couldn't keep up with me on the way to Lakeside ............ :whistling:

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I had my car serviced at woodford (which had really excellent customer service by the way) and was given a manual 250 as a loan car. It was nice but I found the 300 engine better - faster and smoother. I was quite surprised that I wasn't as excited by the 250 as I thought I may have been, I even preferred the manual gearbox of the 200 over the 250. Excellent car but I feel its lost a bit of "x factor", things like the chronograph dash, clear rear lamps, well proportioned standard wheels, compact styling etc. gave it a lot of charm and character. I'm sure the new 250 will grow on me, but i'll like to see the 350 on uk roads ... now that would be tempting.

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