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Up-loading Images Here?


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Just a quickie..... probably one for the Moderators.

If i attempt to up-load any image or text i and told 'The file space is greater than your global space limit'..... i have 7.96k available

So off i go into My Controls and find attempted images that were not up-loaded for whatever reason.... 'HOW' do i delete these files please... since i would assume these are still in my folder awaiting up-load?

Also 'who' :D Titled..... WIM THE HUMAN VIEW

If it has wheels steer it

If it purrs kick it

I like it :D ...... not wanting to become stereotyped as a cat kicker.... there is a satisfaction after a bad day to deliver a 20yrd run-up and feel the exit of fur on the foot, i use Dr Martain...... 9 out of 10 cats preffer it.

Note to LOC:

The cat thing is only in jest..... i do not kick my 'Tigger'....'very oftern', so please dont send me PM's regarding this topic..........or the cat gets it :whistling:

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Tony, in your 'My Controls' in the 'Options' section you have an option that says 'Manage your attachments'. You can delete them from in there.

Your a star...

From this day forward you will be known as 'SUPER' :D

Actually i did know how to go it i just wondered if anyone else knew :hehe: (NOT)

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