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December 7 And 8 Champagne Run To France

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THis old Chestnut again!!

Me and Mr Russell are going to do a Run to France on the Saturday and Sunday I Believe.

12.45pm outbound crossing from dover to calais

3:30pm return calais to Dover

Crossing is £69 for a car with three peeps in it.

Will be sorting out hotel soon also. but this is much easier on location so might just wing it!

So we have a GS and an LS going. (I might be in the Wifes recent aquired GS430 (with sport pack) so get yer skates on if you have finaly decided that you DO HAVE champers hankerings!


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make sure you guys keep to the limit when bringing booze back..

A friend of mine had the car conviscated for having 800 fags!

Also not sure if you saw the articles in the Sun newspaper

All i like to say is Customs & Excise Suck!

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I think the ciggy 'limit' is now up to 3200.

And customs now have to prove whatever you bring in isn't for your own use.

Previously it was for the punter to prove the reverse.

I thought in the single market you could buy what you like where you like.

So what business is it of customs how much booze etc i bring in ?

I think they're actually flouting EU law by imposing any kind of limit at all.

A forward thinking government would see all this as an opportunity.

Slash taxes and reverse the booze cruise - make uk the destination.

Lots of incoming dosh and consequent trade boost ...

Less hassle for customs who could concentrate on more important things.

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