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Blown Fuse, Location Needed Please

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Chaps, my passenger door light (red one) is no lonnger working - the bulb is OK as have checked. The drivers is working still when the door is opened so have come to the conclusion I have blown the bulb when messing with it for my courtesy lights (footwell).

Does anybody know the where I can find the fuse have looked but can't see it.

Many thanks in advance.

DJG :blush:

EDIT: Just noticed that the dome light and the dash door open indicator doesn't work when passenger door openend as well - may be its the door switch relay thingy that has gone any body know what the location of that is?? I'm pretty sure it is........................any ideas

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There are fuses in 3 places, passenger footwell, driver footwell and under the bonnet. Have you tried the manual to see if it tells you where this fuse is located. Also have you tried shorting the door switch to earth to see if light works?

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i bet it's a faulty door sensor, have you tried wiggling it around and seeing if the light then comes on? I had this problem when I had my IS

the cost for a new one was rougly a tenner but be careful not to drop the wires inside the car as there's not too much slack...... that's if it is the sensor

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I have found that both door lights are on the same circuit (search on the forum) so that means that either the door switch is faulty as per colin or I have pulled a cable somewhere in the passenger footwell, I think this is the most likely. Thing is how the hell do you check that............

I there anyway of checking that there is actually power there..........mind you for the car not to be recognising the passenger door is open it has to be something pretty major - would a break in one of the feeds to the door light mean a failure of all mentioned? I would have thought just the door light wouldn't work...........

Do you reckon my warrenty still stands??? :shutit: :shutit:

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