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Ls400 Outgunned


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I love my 94 LS and it's the best car i've ever owned, although one of the oldest.

My carpark pride has been dented though as two of my workmates have just bought these.


300BHP 0-60 5.1 Seconds.


380BHP 0-60 5.2 seconds

Here's my little baby


240BHP 0-60 about 8 seconds

Luckily i'm not totally outgunned as i've still got my exocet.


140BHP 0-60 2.8 seconds/ 0-100 5.8 seconds 165MPH

Poor old me, the thing is I know my car is better but 130 BHP is a lot of difference between 2 saloon cars and I know I shouldn't say this but I do love XJR's. Do I need to get a V300 to maintain my Car-park masculinity?

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Jags don't come close to the Lexus IMHO...a V300 would get you your "how fast" status back though ;). Maybe look into Forced Induction for that V8 ;)

Well, unless you're actually street racing to NOTICE the 0 - 62 time....just put a scoop on the bonnet and a 'Turbo' stcker on the back! !?? :lol:

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Chris: There are people who have used Forced Induction on that V8...and have had better results than you could probably imagine :). It was just a he did say he was outgunned and listed power figures and not to mention said he'd consider a V300...unless I missed something.

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Time and technology is catching up with older cars,the Jags supercharged if i remember rightly thats why it goes so well and the Mustang has a Larger Torquer Engine and newer modern tech input.The V8 Lexus lump was detuned for smoothness 240ish Bhp was good back then but a newer 2 litre Honda Engine in the S2000 puts out the same power 240Bhp but its all in the higher Rev range,bit flat on torque until it hits 6000rpm or more.Trouble with the Mustang is the steering wheels on the wrong side for over here.Skeets right

Twin Turbo V8...

Supercharger Kit for V8...

looked at the options myself,sold the car in the end bought something quicker straight out the box,not as quiet and smooth as the LS but better on fuel and better perforance pound for pound.

Id look at a mk4 LS as the prices are coming down and there not far off 300Bhp 0 to 60 in somewhere around 6.8 seconds.

Thats a Dam fine bike youve got there,do like that B) like you say blows everything spoke of on this thread away :D

Cheers chips.

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And I can guarantee that you could drive all the way up to 155mph on your LS mate, and it would be quieter than either the Mustang or the Jag. Your car park pride is intact according to me. You're driving one of the world's finest cars (as well as one of the most well built). A classic shape...IMHO...

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