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Help:lexus Is 250 Sel

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Hi All

I have posted a thread on the rattling sound I located from my new IS 250 SEL. The situation now is even worse and am beginning to think if I have made the right choice.

There was no problem with the car on the first day, but the very next day(after delivery) it had a rattling sound from the dashboard. I immediately took it to the dealer and they booked it in for two days. They gave the car back after two days saying everything was sorted.The very next day the problem started again, the same rattling sound. By this time, I was beginning to lose confidence in the car. The car was then booked for a week!!! The car had already been with them for more than 75% of the time since I bought it. The dealer gave me the car after a week saying everything was sorted. On the 25th December(after 7 days I collected the car after repair), the car seat belt(drivers seta belt) got jammed. I took the car immediately to the dealer(without wearing my seat belt and with the alarming sound)..The car is now booked for 10 days for them to replace the seat belt.(It has to come from Japan or some other place!!!) I now have lost complete confidence in the new car and have asked for a replacement or refund.The Lexus company have got back to me saying that they will give me a three year service plan!!!!(obviously they were not listening to me)

I have asked Lexus to give me a final decision bythis evening, if not I will have to take the legal route says the Dealer. The mental trauma caused to me is way too much to bear and I am really very stressed. Whilst they gave me a Hire Car during all this period, I am now confused and dont want to collect the car.

I am already beginning to think if I have made the right choice on buying this new car.

Suggestion/Feedback much appreciated

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Seems to me it is the Dealer not the car that is @ fault & they should fit a replacement belt from one of their cars!!!!!!!


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I sympathise with your position and you have been unlucky with the seatbelt, but I don't think that "a rattle" is really grounds to reject the car (as unfit for purpose or whatever).

I would take the loan car, let them fix yours and accept the service plan.

While it is an inauspicious start to new car ownership, isn't stating "mental trauma" just a bit OTT?

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any car can have a few niggling problems especially one that is new to the market

the dealers are agents for lexus, they dont make them !,

as far as i can see the dealer has taken every step to satisfy its customer

and offering the three years servicing (£6-800 worth) is an unbelievable offer

i dont know what more you can expect of them

out of interest what loan car did they give you ??

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I have earlier this afternoon posted my problems on the rattling sound post (go there to read).

I have a rather severe rattling sound which I am hopefully getting sorted tomorrow.

I sympathise with you regarding your plight, but I think your actions are rather OTT.

Ok I am not very happy, but will give Lexus every opportunity to sort it out.

The Brand is traditionally excellent and a few problems may arise from being early adopter of the new IS250 range.

The car is still superb, and many of my colleagues have similar or worse problems in their BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes which is another story all together.

As Bazza says, their offer is good. Hold out, you won't regret it.

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I have a similar rattle problem with the Old IS200 SE when I bought it nearly two yrs ago. The annoying rattle from the dash is still there and unfortunately I am living with it. I know how annoying this is can be.

Good luck with the dealers!

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I also had a rattle from the dashboard of my Australia IS250. It started just a couple of days into my ownership. It sounded like a loose nut or bolt somwhere in behind the climate/radio stack or the glovebox (depending on where you were in the cabin).

It was driving me up the wall as it was quite loud.

The Lexus dealer had the car all day and the rattle turned out to be a bracket in between the Battery and the firewall (under a cover on the firewall). Apparently it was coming into contact with the firewall transmitting the noise to the cabin as a rattle. The bent the bracket away form the firewall and, hey presto, the noise was gone.

It might be worth mentioning this to the dealer. My dealer said they were to submit a report to Lexus about the fault but it may not have filtered through yet.

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