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Fargo Led Kit


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I am doing the Fargo kit LED install to my cluster. LEDs went in fine and I am trying to get power from the brightness adjuster down by your left knee. I know the LED's are working fine because when I hook up a 3.5V DC supply they all light up!

Fargos kit tells you which wires to locate from the connector at the back of the brightness adjuster knob, but yet when I hook these wires up to the wires from the LED's in the cluster and turn on my parking lights I get nothing!

Could I have blown a fuse? as the lights on the AC panel dont illuminate either when my parking lights are on.

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hmmm strange,,, try reversing the wires as one way is brightness up and the other is brightness turned down, perhaps yours is th eother way round... else you could take the power from any other wire that switches on with the lights,.

Niraj, did you wire up as per my instructions..

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Fargo I cut the wires off the end brightness adjuster connector, taped off the brown wire with electrical tape and then went about hooking up the Green and green with strip wires to your kit as per instructions. However I feel that I should have left the connector on the end and simply just splice into them as I may have an open circuit now because there is no connector going into the brightness adjuster knob??



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sorry for late reply, been extremely busy.

Fargo, the instructions... erm, step 1,2 & 3 appear to be a copy and paste glitch from a different install of something... so i didn't really use the instructions. I guess it's easier for me cos i've always had a keen interest in electrickery.

I'm guessing you would have to leave the dimmer switch connected, because that is what contains the resistor to increase/decrease power output.

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