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5 Speed Auto Gearbox


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Can anyone tell me when the 5 speed auto box was available on the GS300.

I have seen a 1998 with a 4 speed box and a 2002 with a 5 speed (with up and down change buttons on the steering wheel.

Also does anyone know the ratios in the 4 speed vs the 5 speed. Revs in a 4 speed I drove today were

500 rpm more at 80 than that showing on a 5 speed

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Hi and Welcome to the LOC :)

Not totally sure to be honest id say on the mk3 GS300 is when they put a 5 speed into it,think it would alot of work for you if you was thinking of changing to a 5 speed autobox as the gearbox talks to the engine ECU so the main ECU brain would have to be changed.With the IS200 a company put a LS430 V8 into a IS200 with a manual box and i read they had to reprogram the Engine ECU and fool it into thinking it was still hooked up to the autobox.

Hope that is some help maybe some else might have more info for you.

Cheers chips.

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