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Ok here's the scenario I have to produce 3yrs worth of NCB's which i thought was fine, I have been insured for over 3 yrs. But as I was checking for my documents I found my first insurance only ran for 10 months I called them and asked for a no claims sheet, but beacuse it wasn't a yr apparently they can't send me one... So i thought i had 10 months no claims (so far 10 months) then a new car and I have 1yr clear at least and have the proof. (takes us to 1yr 10 months in my mind) then currently finishing a 18 month thing from Norwich union where they do 9months and class it as a yr ncb. but that still gives me 1yr and 6 months to me what ever way you look at it, I'm going to request those details of NCB today.

So the total time insured are 3yrs 4 months legally, can I send my new insurance company all these details and will they accept me adding these 10 months to 18 months and 1yr.. etc???

I need to send this by end of next week, could I be totally in trouble here?

Any help is much appreciated guys...

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Like Nick says the worst the can happen is your premium will go up.

If I got this right you have 3 separate lots of NCB with different companies? It is unusual to have three lots of NCB that are not connected. Usually when someone takes out a new policy they get a "proof of bonus" from the previous company to use against the new policy. So the current insurance company would take that into account along with any further no claims period accrued with them when you ask for a proof of bonus from them.

You are with Norwich Union now? What period of NC do they say you have?

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