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The Eightball Rally Has Arrived!

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Hi all,

This is to formally announce the launch of the Eightball Rally 2006! After months of planning- it's finally here...

It will be an exclusive, never-been-seen-before motoring extravaganza!

The Eightball Rally will be a 4-day rally around the UK- a celebration of fun and adventure for Japanese Sports Car enthusiasts.

For too long now, owners of Japanese Performance Cars occasionally chat on Web forums, rarely go to track days, and give each other a nod when passing in the street. They don’t have an opportunity to get out there with like-minded people and celebrate what draws them to their awesome cars: a love of fine engineering, style and speed!

It will be held between 27th-30th May, and will be on public roads. It will include the Midlands, Welsh Mountains, and Scottish Highlands, and will finish up in a track day at Croft Racing Circuit, with free professional tuition!

The event is designed primarily to be a pure celebration-- to get people together to go on an adventure...

It is also non-profit making, and is budgeted at cost so it is accessible to all.

It's really going to be fun; and designed with the driver in mind, so will cover all the best driving roads, the best cars and the best environment. The stopovers will be in good quality hotels, and the rest stops will be good hearty food.

The type of cars will all be Japanese imports, so you can expect plenty of Skylines, RX7s, Scoobys, and Supras; mostly all modified.

It is covered on standard insurance, so all you need is some clean underpants and your driving license!

The (approximate) cost will be £500 per driver (with car) and £275 per passenger. This will cover entrance fees, accomodation, food, events, entertainment, the track day, and professional tuition from racing drivers!

The launch event is on Tuesday 17th (next Tuesday)- a fantastic chance to come down and find out about it.

Moshi Moshi, Bartholomew Square, Brighton BN1 1JS, at 2.00pm.

PLEASE PM me or email so I know numbers!

There will be free sushi, demo cars, girls in lingerie, and information on the rally.

If you need any info, please e-mail me!


Eightball Rally Organiser


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