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Battery + Alarm + Starting Problem


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Ok, so last week I went to start my car after not moving it for 4 days and the Battery was almost flat. I call the AA, they come out, start it again no problem. Thing is, now I can't close the car using my Meta alarm plipper, nor does the plipper disarm the immobiliser. I figure it's the batteries in the plipper, so I change these but still nothing. This means no alarm, though my car is parked too far away from my place for me to even hear. Also, when I started the car last Saturday and Sunday from cold, it turned over twice very slowly before starting - once it had been running normally for half hour, an hour and you turned it off and started it again it was fine. I used it on Tuesday, and again it turned over very slowly before starting and when I went to start it today the Battery was nearly dead yet again and the car wouldn't start. I've got a feeling either there's something wrong with the Battery or, even though it sounds stupid, by not being able to arm the alarm it's soemhow draining the Battery. I didn't really have to drive it tonight so the AA will be coming out tomorrow, but in the mean time does anyone have any ideas? I'd really appreciate some input as it's embarassing having to call the AA out again after just one week. I'm sure something's wrong. Thanks in advance.


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Get the Battery checked out to see if theres a cell gone you might need a new Battery.Like you say could be something draining the Battery,have someone with you and get in the boot and shut it could be the boot light staying on and draining the Battery,if theres a light which comes on under the bonnet when its open check thats not staying on...Could also be a faulty alarm...

Hope thats all some help.

Cheers chips.

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