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Yea 15 Year Old Aristo Flys Through


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:D :D

Im well pleased!!

Dont think you really truely know 100% how good a secondhand old car is how ever much you check it over before buying.

Just got back from its first MOT well ive owned the car,and for a 15 year old Bus it flew through without even a advise on anything.

It did cross my mind id be out there in the rain this afternoon replacing something.

Until next year then.

Cheers chips.

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They made these cars in 1990? With the 2jz-gte engine? No way. The supra didn't get this engine until 1993 and it was developed from the 1jz-gte engine from its predescessor and the soarer. Congrats on the MOT pass though fella.

My cars a J plate so maybe not 15 years old but getting on that way

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A J plate?? Umm the very first MK4 supras were late K's. Check the serial number on your motor mate I'm guessing the car got registered wrong. Its not unknown for cars to slip through the net the other way. For instance I saw a P reg TT aerotop for sale recently which is impossible as they stopped making them in 1995. A mate of mine regged his car on a private plate on an L reg even though it was manufactured on a 93. The new zealand supra site tells you the years that the supras were made serial number based. I am yet to find an equivalent site for aristos.

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So if toyota had the 2JZ-GTE engine way back in 91 why keep flogging their flagship sportscar with the 1JZ and the other lumps they were using? No wonder nissan got the hop on them with the 300ZX if they werer holding back that engine.

Thanks for that website. Its exactly what I have been after for a while.

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