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Hid Headlamp Conversion For Mk1 Gs

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I was out on the M25 this evening in the drizzling rain, almost as bad as driving in fog.

For the first time I realised just how poor the lights are on the MK1 GS.

I have some Phillips Blue tint bulbs in at the moment of the standard wattage and light output is just pants.

My 1990 Rover has better headlight output!!

I have been toying with trying an HiD kit if they will work, or do I just buy higher wattage bulbs?

I would be interested to hear your views and what headlamp bulbs you use.

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When i first got my car i found the headlights Poor beyond belief :ohmy:

The Headlights and indicators are in one sealed unit on my import...there made of a clear plastic...

After cleaning the reflectors and inside of the lens they were NO better,i replaced the bulbs with.

Ring Ice Blue a headlight upgrade is what it says on the box and there not to bad now,had better lights on other cars ive owned but there a big improvement i can see where im better now..

The bulbs maybe different on the uk car,the part number on the box is

12V 60W HB3 P20d

if that helps.

A friend of mine is hoping to be sourcing a HID convertion in the near future at a very good price ;)

Cheers chips.

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