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Advice About Tyres

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Hello All

I have been aways from this forum for a while, and I washoping some of you could give me some advice.

My IS200 Sport is due for it's MOT this week, and I think the tyres will need changing.

I am not very flush with money at the moment, but don't want to ruin my lovely car with crap tyres.

Can anyone recommend anywhere I can get decent tyres at a resonable price?

I was going to just take it into Lexus Nottingham but I guess main dealers will be expensive.

Also, can anyone give me an idea of what I shoudl be expecting rearding the cost so I don't get ripped off.

(as you can tell, i am not very clued up on cars - just love driving them)

Thanks in advance


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Bracknell Tyres are cheap mate I got a quote this morning and they stated £49 for a 215/45/17 tyre they were called forerunner or some ***** like that!

But if your after cheap tyres I can not find cheaper then them mate?

Bracknell Tyres can be contacted on 01344411323

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