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Battery Dead, Knocking Sound From Engine

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Hi wonder if anyone can help.

My RX300 (x reg) is completely dead, no sound when turning ignition. Though dim interior lights

when I turn them on. I assume the Battery is flat (perhaps left a light on ?) However also getting a

strange knocking sound from the engine. It stops when I turn the key in the ignition but starts again

about 30 seconds after I take the key out.

Is this perhaps something to do with the alarm ? or alternator ?

I am going to try and jump start tomorrow but would appreciate any comments or

suggestions as whats going on with the clunking noise. Its about every second or so

and not really loud but you can hear it from 15/20 feet away.


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You know all the strange whirrs and clicks that go on under the bonnet, brake booster and stuff like that? That may be what's knocking, because the Battery can't run them properly.

Like Mat says, new Battery if you can't recharge the old one.

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