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Hi Performance Bulbs

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Hi Folks,

First post and first question of many to come know doubt.

Have been scouring the posts on improved lighting. HID Kit is the obvious way to go, but not on my pocket I'm afraid.

The option open to me is Xenon bulbs, I have searched for ages on the net for Xenon bulbs that seem to fall into the +30% or +50% category, though the HB3 and HB4 bulbs I require, only seem to be available in +30% standard.

Another option seems to be hi power options, that are greater wattage but are mot fails and for show use only. My questions are:

Would the car be able to run the bulbs with increased wattage with no ill effects in standard trim: i.e. alternator up to it and lenses not melting, HB4 rated at 80W, HB3 rated at 100W?

How do they tell the wattage of the bulbs at MOT time, without removing them?

Standard 2001 IS 200 SE by the way

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Can I just ask you guys what year your cars are because my 2004 sport design has quite good lights .

I do a lot of motorway driving in the dark in the dark mornings plus about 10 miles of country roads and find the lights great compared to all my other cars.

did they improve the lights or what?

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Don't know if they have improved the lights, but all these things are relative I think.

My last two cars were a Peugeot 206 GTI and A ford Focus Zetec. Both of these cars had better lighting in my opinion than the current IS. The Peugeot was even better than the Focus, and both these cars had standard halogen bulbs in.

I find high beam ok in the IS, but low beam has very little penetration.

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