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What a great idea!

Warning Do not check this site out if you have any upcoming deadlines or real work to do - productivity will suffer. :winky:


Works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. No spyware or Adware so perfectly safe. It lets you search, browse, review and share sites.

If you like your music then one of the first sites I StumbledUpon was Pandora - tell it an artist or song and it'll cleverly find and play other artists/tracks that have the same style/sound - it actually works really well. [Technically, for licensing reasons, it's only for the USA so you'll need to enter a zip code such as (ahem) 32886 ]

Have fun. :D

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brilliant...i love the music stuff

its true, you could spend hours on here

A useful page that took me a while to find is this one which allows you to really fine tune the type of site you're interested in:

StumbleUpon Interests

It's neat isn't it. It just goes to show that some people have way too much free time on their hands. :D

This one was pretty cool as well:

Horses in Harmony

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