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Spy Pics From Fast And Furious 3


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I was looking around on the net and found this page with spy shots of cars to be featured in the up coming Fast and Furious 3 movie that is currently being filmed. There is even a completely trashed Lexus GS300 in those pics somewhere :crybaby: , i think about the 8th or 9th pic. Those 350z and evos although are nice, are a little ott for my liking. By the way does anyone know what that other car parked between the evos and in front of them in one pic is? it is the black and orange car.

the link is

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You mean you guys don't know who Suki is !? :D


I remember Suki..

wot a fit bird, I've gone all jelly legs like..

back to reality. the films are great and want to see the next one.

Wot a bummer to the car's that are wrecked. Wonder if they want to part with any cat C or D ones :D

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probably find there are 2 lexi the same.. they have more than 1 car type in case of mistakes when filming.

I picked up some glass from the window of the VW jetta they shot up in the first one when I was at universal a few years ago.. should eBay it off :D

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