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Uprated Bushes For Arb's

Nick The Greek

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My uprated ARB's I've got havent come with any bushes, so I'd have to use the ones already on the old ARB's. As my car is 6 years old, these bushes would be rather shot by now.

Can we get uprated bushes? I looked on the tdi website which lists a load of bushes, but have no idea which ones (if at all) i would require.

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I have TRD uprated ARB bushes - direct replacement.

Want me to dig out the part no's?

please zee. how much did they cost you?

TRD front ARB bushes:


TRD rear ARB bushes:


That's for a pack with a pair, not individual, so you only need to order one lot of each.

I honestly can't remember how much I paid I'm afraid Nick as it was sometime ago - maybe around £30 each?

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After no joy from fensport (they never answered my email) I sent an email to mark at TDI this morning, got a reply, and have sourced some from him.

Going to order them next week, and prolex are going to fit them along with my arb's when I drop it in for a service.

job done :D

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