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I Feel Zippy Today!


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Decided to fill up with Super Unleaded at Tesco, was surprised to see it having a rating of 99 octane, which is higher than before.

Anyway, the car seems a lot zippier than before and has noticeably better pull right across the rev-range than with regular unleaded. I like it so far, will update with fuel economy.

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I used optimax and got the same response as you maneesh. I only put £10 in to see, i got about 48miles out of it. Which wasnt good but it was mainly town driving. Definbitely felt a lot better and more responsive.

A definite difference.

Injector cleaner does this though with normal 95ron.

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An update: I filled up after a quarter tank of Tesco 99 was used up. I did 114 miles (70 of which at 60mph on cruise control). The rest was driving at 30-40 on A roads.

32mpg (Yes, I triple checked!). Perhaps I need to run a full tank to really confirm, or it was the 60mph cruise that's upped the average.

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