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Aristo 1993 Mk1 Knocking Problem


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Hi everyone, just joined this forum :D

Hopefully someone can help with this slight problem,

When driving on poor roads with cracks ect... or over bumps i get a slight knocking sound coming from the front of the car, I've had it looked at and everything seems to be ok, I did have the anti roll bar bushes changed with no effect, I have been told that it can be the drop down links and possibly the tie rod ends,

Has anyone one here ever have this problem and been able to fix it?

Is the UK Lexus GS300 tie rod ends the same as the Aristo as i've seen some on sale on eBay at quite a good price.

Whilst at it does anyone know where i can buy hydraulic boot and bonnet lifters as mine are knackered and Toyota want a fortune for these

Thanks for any help :)

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Hi and Welcome to the club

Could a few things that can cause this, anti-roll bushes, tie-rods ends and suspension bushes, on mine it was the upper arm suspension bushes that had gone, try rocking the wheel back an forth and feel for any knocking, with regards to the hydraulic stays, you may be better of going for the breakers or trying to get a pattern part.



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hi and welcome to the LOC another Aristo member :)

Cant really add to what Pauls said,the upper wishbones are the same part as the Uk car,so moneys on that most/all the parts will be the same,might find its a different part number to the uk car though.

cheers chips...

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